Step by step

1Project development

Complex technical, financial and legal questions regularly arise during project development and thanks to our many years of experience in the engineering design industry, we can respond to these questions.


A team of experienced engineers, technicians and sales staff ensures optimal coordination of our knowledge and the state-of-the-art technologies in each individual project. In addition, our employees also take care of a comprehensive cost calculation. Among other things, we specialize in the timely and comprehensive implementation of measures that result from an energy audit according to DIN EN 16247 or an energy management system according to DIN EN 50001.


The installation of all process lines is carried out by our qualified staff or, if necessary, in cooperation with certified local partner companies. Whereas organization and monitoring is always provided by our project managers on site.

4Maintenance and service

Our maintenance and service offer is tailored to individual customer requirements. It includes management of technical operations, installation optimization, monitoring, quality management, repairs, maintenance, etc.

Process lines

Energy generation and storage


We design, plan, install, service, maintain and take over the monitoring of PV systems of all sizes; both in industrial and roof systems and outdoor facilities.

Solar thermal collectors

We design, plan, install, service, maintain and monitor various solar thermal systems.

Wind energy

We design, plan, install, service, maintain and take over the monitoring of wind turbines up to a maximum height of 50 meters, and currently up to 19.8 KW.

Energy storage

We design, plan, install, service, maintain and take care of almost all current mechanical, electrical, thermal and electrochemical energy storage technologies.

Furthermore, we also design individual high-temperature storage units adapted to special requirements.

Energy efficiency

Solutions for industry

Production process

A production company is considered to be a wholesale customer if the share of energy costs in production costs exceeds 3%. In such companies we see huge possibilities of deployments, both in terms of production automation and energy-saving solutions.

Automation and control technology

The prerequisite for efficient use of energy in production is intelligent metering, control and regulation of production and ancillary processes in combination with energy-saving products. Our comprehensive approach to energy optimization ranges from the analysis of the current situation through the development of solution concepts and their implementation to energy monitoring. This procedure involves redesigning as well as upgrading the existing machinery and equipment. Of course, we always work with the relevant specialists as we have to adapt our systems to individual requirements.

Heat recovery

For existing or planned energy efficiency systems, we design, plan and install specially engineered heat recovery systems for various branches of industry, such as biogas plants, combined heat and power plants, industrial bakeries, metalworking, drying equipment, etc.

Efficient drive technology

All drive systems in the production process are identified, analysed and then optimised or replaced and integrated into the entire energy-efficient production process.

Process lines

Energy-efficient construction

We cooperate and plan with several adequately certified manufacturers

Passive buildings

Low-energy buildings

corresponding industrial and commercial buildings, but also residential and service buildings.

Zero-emission buildings

CLT - Robust building systems

Process lines

Technical building equipment

The purely technical part is taken over by our partners, whereas we design, plan and implement the following industries and technologies:

Building heating and domestic water heating systems

Ventilation systems (ventilation)

Cooling systems (air conditioning)

Renewable energy systems (solar, geothermal, photovoltaic energy, biomass))

Heating, cooling

Systems for using waste heat from production processes

Water and wastewater supply systems (sanitary systems)

Power supply systems

Information technology

Signalling and communication systems

Extinguishing equipment

Smoke venting

Process lines

Heat pump technology

We design, plan and install in cooperation with leading European manufacturers of water-to-water, air-to-water and glycol-to-water heat pumps also for individual non-standard solutions.