The problem of climate change affects us all. The effects of global warming are visible all over the world. Every economy based on coal, oil and gas has an infamous contribution to this process. Every day, we emit gigantic amounts of greenhouse gases from burning these resources. In doing so, we pollute air and water. Every country, including Poland, has a duty to strive for climate neutrality.

Economic considerations also play an important role. Coal is an increasingly inefficient economically and also gradually depleting source of energy. Unfortunately, this problem is often ignored due to our short-sightedness. However, it is worth considering ‘what next?’. There are energy sources that are present in our everyday life, but we do not notice them. Wind, water, sunlight - these clean energy sources are available almost immediately. Many countries around the world are slowly giving up coal, gas and oil in favour of responsible use of renewable resources. Contrary to popular belief, the transition to renewable energy sources is not only taking place in the richer countries of the world or in the countries in the so-called ‘sunny south’.

Such a development perspective brings far more benefits than maintaining the current energy system. The most important benefits of using renewable energy sources combined with energy efficiency and ‘green’ innovations include economic, health and environmental benefits, energy security and sustainable development of the country.

Measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are not only a rescue for nature, but also an opportunity for ourselves.